LURE: Talon Base Avatar

Product contains: 1. Skin 2. Tattoo 3. Tattooed skin 4. Lekku (mesh) 5. Shape 6. Notecards   SKIN: • Appliers for Omega, Slink, Bellezza, TMP, Maitreya, and Lekku • Versions with and without eyebrows • A regular version of skin • “Blended” version of regular skin which works better with the included Lekku equipped • […]

LURE: Olympia skin

Olympia returns with new appliers! Aiming for unique fantasy looks to stand out from the crowd, Olympia is first of mythology inspired skins for female figure. ~~~Includes the following~~~ Face options: ~ Natural (no makeup) ~ Half (half makeup) ~ Full (mystical makeup) Skin options: ~ Cleavage ~ No cleavage Appliers: ~ Lolas Tango ~ […]